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Extend the language skills in the language school

Hone your skills in the language school

Language school to learn work

Language school, is where the intersection of people and mind. To learn the language is also in knowing the culture. To learn at ease students in the warm environment, it is the jobs of clerical staff for the support. In the language school, in learning toward the same purpose, information exchange is actively carried out, it may want to develop in the planning of the event. In such a case, the presence of administrative staff also rely on. We are looking for people who can enjoy think together. It is possible to learn while working, it is one of the benefits. Day-to-day in the interaction with the lecturer Language skills are polished. Of course, it is also possible to attend the course. Sometimes administrative staff, sometimes students, we can both go to create a more attractive language school because you know. The purpose of acquiring the language is different, but, at the free-to-use as a word, a wider range of activities and interests. It becomes possible to read the spirit of the opponent in the way facial expressions and also good in the same expression, it is the biggest benefit of attending a language school. Language school, there is atmosphere you are in foreign countries while staying in Japan. Jobs is not important age limit as Japan, it will focus on the experience and personality. If Jobs has caught the eye, to learn and to work, is a chance to get at a time.

Basic information of the language school